October 11, 2007

life inside the music box ain't easy

my biggest problem with this whole deal is thinking of worthwhile things to write about. i read em's blog and its so funny and fab and i just feel like i can't compete! so i will continue attempting until i make my final decision... but since i have nothing cool in particular to write about, i will do a simple life update on my glamorous life.

1. i got one of the better haircuts of my life the other day. it was totally spur of the moment, at a salon i had never been to and knew nothing about, and it was PURE GLORY. the girl (bre) was fantastic and took off like half of my hair without actually changing the way it looked. which may sound not very cool, but when you have as much hair as i do, is AMAZING. she also conned me into 3, yes 3, aveda products which are making my life daily more amazing because my hair continually smells like perfection. so thats that.
2. midterms are coming up, along with long papers about Jesus which i haven't started. but this is the way i do things, so i am not yet concerned. i just may have to hibernate for upwards of a month. but at least i have today, i guess.
3. yesterday i was bullied by a cop. not pulled over, not ticketed, just bullied. he pointed at me (from the front) then pulled over - so i too pulled over - then he said, "WHAT are you doing?" me: "I'm sorry, I thought you wanted me to pull over?" ass clown cop: "What I want you to do is use your turn signal. Go! Keep driving!" me: completely bewildered: "Um, ok." what a fool. i still don't think i did anything wrong, nor do i have any idea why captain power-trip needed to yell at me. then, clearly, i irrationally cried all the way to school. what a good start to the day!
4. i might be moving. i also might not - but the possibility exists. its a long story and don't worry, alix and i aren't breaking up or anything, i just might move closer to Littleton. on the bright side, when Mom was talking about my potential move, I basically got roped into a blind date type situation with her friend's son who lives here and is in real estate. perfect. more on this as it develops.

as an aside, i recieved an unusually hilarious email from a friend of mine the other day who just started Seminary at another school (i.e. not Denver). he was telling me about everything, and finding similarly to me that everyone in seminary is married/engaged/looking to be one of those as soon as possible... and he literally said that nothing scared him more than a seminary girl. HAHA. i took no offense to this, instead, i vowed to try my very hardest NOT to be that girl. i wrote him back, promising that i would never be the girl who meets a boy sans wedding band and immediately is picking out wedding colors and china patterns and baby names. it won't be easy, since it seems i can hardly escape this "uh oh i'm out of college, quickly, i must find a husband!" mindset. instead i will do my best to remain calm and collected until Jesus feels that I can handle a man as well as myself. or one who can just handle me. or something. repeat after me: I will not become a scary seminary girl. or a scary any kind of girl. done and done.

5. kristin anne foster is coming to visit me in november and everytime i think of it i am filled with glee! we will also potentially be seeing mr. ben lee in concert, which is nothing short of glorious.
6. tonight, thursday night, is the best of nights because of prime time television. first is 30Rock, starring Tina Fey, then the choice that continually keeps me up at night - do i watch the Office, or do i watch Grey's Anatomy? and finally, sometimes, Alix and i watch ER. but its really only cool if the Dr. next door is over, because then he gives us a play-by-play of what is going on and if it is realistic. needless to say, I look forward to thursday nights. a wonderful break from counseling/bible textbooks and for my brain to relax for a couple of hours.
7. i am listening to really excellent music these days. iTunes is by far the greatest and most expensive invention of my generation and/or life.

until next time, listen to:
be thou my vision by Pedro the Lion, the underdog by Spoon, and trains i've missed by Walt Wilkerson and the Mysteqeros

"here's to this place i've found, the love i've known
the earth and the sky that I call home
here's to the things I need, bigger than me,
and the moments I find myself right where i'm supposed to be
its a big old world, but i've found my way
and the hell and the hurt led me straight to it
here's to the trains i've missed"


Thomas said...

so i have gone on an hour long stalking session of you and emily and elaine. why couldn't i have gotten the witty gene? plus since i never have service slash i never talk to you this is a good way to get my fill. so there you have it.

Elaine said...

hehe, so fun to have you in blogger world!! you'll quickly make friends. it's so funny who reads my blog; i have made friends with all of these housewives with tons of kids. and they are great, amazing, witty and hilarious ladies from all over the country.

don't worry, even when you have nothing to say, someone is always reading! i'm excited for you, my fd&h twin! thanks for modeling after me and em ;) makes me feel all special. and preeeeeeety.

love ya

Elaine said...

thomas, do you have a blog?

Thomas said...

nope. just gmail so i can comment. like i said, i'm not witty or exciting like you all, plus i hardly have time to even sleep. disappointing, i know.

midwest princess said...

crap, does this mean i now have to make my blog aunt and uncle appropriate? and i'm not sure it will come to this, but...GRANDMA appropriate? yikes!

Unknown said...

um so basically i'm counting down the minutes until we're gloriously reunited.

and your music taste is so better tha mine right now. i moved past the fob & panic (for now) and now all i want to do is listen to michael buble. literally.