October 2, 2007

just a little stitious

i still haven't quite decided whether or not i think this is cool. my two cool cousins, who i have tried most of my life to model my life after, both have blogs... so i'm pretty sure that means its sort of cool for me to have one too. i just moved to denver, also called "menver," or so i'm told, but the jury is still out on that one. on alix and i's first night investigating the night life, someone actually yelled, "do you guys wanna get slayed?!" while we're not entirely sure of the definition of "slayed," we are definitely sure it is not, in fact, something we want to be. or get, or whatever. we haven't been out since.*
i currently double as grad student and social butterfly, making for quite the madcap life here in the mountains. i do love my school, have discovered that seminarians are not the scary breed i feared them to be, and learned that i CAN in fact navigate a big city if i try really really hard. and get lost upwards of four thousand times. no big deal.
other than that, i have some friends, and am still on the neverending church search. today i have also considered a part-time receptionist gig (to utilize my many marketable skills) and being a volunteer YoungLife leader. after all my years of psychotic involvement at wcs and trinity, i guess i just don't know what to do with all of this free time i suddenly have to do things like sleep, stay up on my thousands of grad school readings, and have a social life. quickly, fill my schedule with extra responsibilities!
thats about all i've got - it is october now, which is a really excellent month. alix tells me there are to be snow flurries this weekend, and although i'll believe it when i see it, i have promised her that we can surely make snow angels.

until next time, download and love "lover" by derek webb. and watch the office on thursdays. ahhmazing.

*i'm kidding. sort of.


Elaine said...

I shall blog roll you, stat! Then more people will read you!

midwest princess said...

i am ALWAYS delighted when another joins the fray. Welcome to blog land darling (you are off to a great start! you're hilarious!). xoxoxoxox