October 22, 2007

back to back black ties

things i have learned recently:

new friends are fab
sweet potatoes are DELICIOUS if done right.
grad school is, like, i don't know, really hard?
british men are incredibly inappropriate, generally speaking.
you CAN meet cool, cute boys who love Jesus in bars.
i really like tilapia.
i actually kind of like running.
alix and i are really flipping funny.
snow in october is glorious

i think that about covers it.
i'd write more, but school ate my life.

listen to: doubting thomas by Nickel Creek

"If there's not a God, then, who are all these churches for? And... who is Jesus' dad?"
- The Office


midwest princess said...

um, can we talk about how funny the office is this season? my favorite line from last week, when michael comes out of his office and yells:


Unknown said...

I will have you know that reading this made me crave sweet potatoes like nothing else. So what did I do on Tuesday night? I ate sweet potatoes. Thank you, Megan. For everything.

By the way -- GO ROCKIES, I might have dreamed about you the other night, and I'll see you in like 3 weeks. OMGWTF!